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To whom it may concern

Changing the company EKOKEM A/S name to Fortum Waste

Solutions A/S

EKOKEM A/S – earlier NORDGROUP a/s – was acquired by Fortum Group Oyj.

The company name will be changed April 1, 2017.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency certify that all environmental

approvals, notifications, etc. issued to EKOKEM A/S, located Lindholmvej 3, 5800

Nyborg, is applicable to the company Fortum a/s located Lindholmvej 3, 5800


This is only a change of the name of the company. Environmental approvals,

notifications, etc. is issued to the company that is registered under the registration

number 34484414 in the Danish Central Business Register, (CVR). Changing the

company’s name does not affect the company’s legal affairs, and the company

continues to be registered under this number.

Yours sincerely,

Jørn H. Jeppesen

Civil engineer